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In autumn 2012 Wurm im apfel ran a text | performance hedge school, an opportunity for anyone who works with text: poets, playwrights, fiction writers, critics, visual artists, balladeers, actors, rappers, novelists &c. to come along and share their work, collaborate with others, discuss, play.

What's a hedge school?
During the 18th century the Penal Laws restricted the civil, religious and economic activities of Catholics and Dissenters. In Ireland, Catholics who could not afford to go to the continent for education often attended informal 'hedge schools', held usually in private houses or barns rather than actually out in the open.  The quality of education on offer varied, but the best hedge schools were places of genuine scholarship. We want to evoke that combination of informality -- even subversiveness -- and quality. Tradition holds that each pupil brought a sod of turf for the school fire. We continued this in alcoholic or caffeinated form.


This webpage will feature links to topics, opportunities, and work discussed at the hedge school.  If there's anything you'd like to see on it, please email Kit at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with details.
Each month a different member of the school (or sometimes a guest) will act as co-ordinator.

Hedge School Work

October 2012

Kit Fryatt, 21 notes on a lost observance (text) (audio) (remix by Orlik macEirleach & y.p. pestis).

Hedge School teachers: Kit Fryatt (September 2012), John Robertson (October 2012)

Guest Hedge School Teachers:
Tamar Yoseloff (November 2012)