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Wurm Press is the seriously tiny press associated with Wurm im apfel, publishing chapbooks and full-length poetry collections.

from Wurm Press in January 2015

a new collection from Christodoulos Makris

The Architecture of Chance


Christodoulos Makris’ second full collection, blends painstaking poetic craft with the accidental hazards of found text and overheard sample. As challenging as it is accessible, these poems comment wittily yet unsparingly on the cultural, economic and political textures of twenty-first century life.


Christodoulos Makris was born in Nicosia and has lived in Manchester, London, and since 2001 in Dublin. His previous books include Spitting Out the Mother Tongue (Wurm Press, 2011) and the artist's book Muses Walk (2012). He is co-editor of Centrifugal: Contemporary Poetry from Dublin and Guadalajara (EBL-Cielo Abierto / Conaculta, 2014) and co-curated the poetry collaborations project and tour Yes But Are We Enemies (September 2014).

"A forerunner, in Irish poetry and Irish poetry publishing." --Irish Times





Karl Parkinson

Litany of the City and other poems

City children,

Eat my wordy tongue!

Play me soft like a harp! Beat me like a drum!

blow my trumpet, blow, blow my trumpet!

-- from 'Litany of the City'







Listen to Death cuts down the flowers

Watch Coke Poem

Karl Parkinson is the lyric poem made flesh. He defends what's sacred about our humanity by turning the dark energy of Dublin city back on itself. His poems are hypnotic, shamanic creations that spiral into our world like woven spells. Words that bloom and sprawl into life like vines tearing down the walls surrounding us.Karl Parkinson is a pioneer - rushing ahead to remind us that we are made by the city but not chained to the city, and showing us ultimately how art can transcend it. -- Colm Keegan

Familial, fond, hopeful and radical [...] Poetry that is stimuli to all senses. -- Elayne Harrington, aka TemperMental MissElayneous.





Dave Lordan, First Book of Frags

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Dave interviewed about Frags.

review of Frags by Kevin Breathnach

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watch / listen to Kathleen is just a word we'll never settle and A Bone.

Video of The Fucking Titanic by Eamonn Crudden.

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A book of explosive short fiction from the author of The Boy in the Ring and Invitation to a Sacrifice. First Book of Frags is a projectile flung at convention, capital, and ultimately, civilisation itself.

"echoes of James Joyce and Angela Carter"--Nuala Ní Chonchuir

"Dave Lordan’s First Book of Frags is experimental work of an accessible kind – unsentimental, original.[...] a wry sensibility throughout, reminiscent of the early stories of Peter Carey." -- Patrick Chapman

First Book of Frags is a gallery of cosmic and psychic perversion and violence.  Punctuated by moments of intense, incandescent writing, it gives us a marriage of heaven and hell, good and evil, repressive force and hopeless sex. Whether it shows us the success of suicide towns, the unrecorded victims of the Titanic, revolutions in housing estates, cornerboys, destructors, accomplices, violent fire bombings, stew and shit stirrers, animals and pornstars, writers under attack, the people who live permanently in Swedish-based furniture stores, or women speaking to the dead, it is always, allegorically and literally, concerned with an Ireland, a Europe, and a humanity which has lost its way and wandered into nightmare dead ends only partially of its own making. The contemporary resonances of these strange and brief short stories, with their weird and uncanny narrators, equals the political bite of Lordan’s best poetry. -- Graham Allen.

"Dave Lordan is among the very few artists I see around me who is brave and unflinching enough to directly confront the increasing horror of life in a Republic which is dying on its feet. This pitch black voice is, to me, for all intents and purposes the sound of a country in tears" -- Eamonn Crudden

"More than a tour de force, Lordan’s first explorations in fiction, First Book of Frags, is a damning tour de farce. It’s an indictment of our time, how we’ve allowed society to disintegrate, how we’ve glorified trivia and lordified Mammon, how we’ve giddily partaken in media circuses and courted political jesters. In keeping with the context and with Lordan’s work in performance, the stories are a prosodic theatre of the grotesque. There’s vivid, fantastical spectacle and macabre humour. Despair at its starkest always makes for interesting shades of black. No one is spared: alcoholics, drug addicts, women as objects of male fantasy, suicide where suicide rates become a competition between towns and the town with most suicides could be a tourist attraction. Chaos continuously begets chaos, begets corruption, so we marvel all the more at the wondrous balancing act of survival that the characters go through. They resort to tribal mode, voodoo, mythology, every base and primal instinct that links us to our earliest ancestors. Yet, despite his nobler inklings, we are constantly reminded that man is monster, hell bent on dystopia.

At some point throughout these stories, you’ll be squirming, holding your breath, out of your comfort zone, exhausted from the verbal whip and lash of it all, yet irresistibly drawn further in because you know that behind the hilarious accounts the message is very close to home. So close we are the message, and it needs to be somehow tackled. In the polarised world of these stories, where everything is manically militia one minute, carnival the next, it might take some hazily-defined quixotic enterprise to find a solution to the mayhem. But that too, menacingly, is a parody." -- Anamaría Crowe Serrano

A new form brings a new kind of fury. Pitched somewhere between the short story and the narrative poem, Frags delivers fragments and stark narrative incisions knitted together by a darkly satirical and formally challenging twenty-first century tone of political urgency. Frags shows up the jaded politico-economic media excursus on the recession and its discontents for the white noise that it is. Whether it is the Orwellian “Street Party”, the vitriolic David Foster Wallace-like “Living in Ikea”, the Beckettian Irish stew of “A Bone”, or the Bolanoesque “Dr. Essler’s Cocaine” the crafted howl of Frags rarely lets up. Cathleen Ni Houlihan is a scavenging Kathleen who sleeps on a “rained on mattress in the woods surrounded by empty wine bottles,” the Iron Lady has been melted down, and Ireland’s Kafkaesque educated unemployed who ponder justice have been transformed into flies, not cockroaches. Dave Lordan’s surreal yet scathing sketches of suffering, violence and ear-splitting silence should capture the hungry imagination of a disillusioned majority.-- Michael O'Sullivan



Kate O'Shea, Crackpoet


13 wry, savage, passionate poems.

“These poems form the narrative of Crackpoet (not me), protesting about love and loss, unhappiness, the fear of life continuing without her, not ending there, but rising above it with an abrasive streak of flamboyant discontent.” --Kate O’Shea.

Kate O'Shea lives in Dublin. She was recently shortlisted for the Patrick Kavanagh prize.

Buy Crackpoet now on Amazon for £5.50.



David Wheatley, Flowering Skullcap


"As improbable as the flowering skullcap to be found by Barmston Drain, in Hull's industrial Wincolmlee quarter, is the shop-soiled urban pastoral David Wheatley has extracted from that city and its estuarial hinterlands. Skulking, solitary and crepuscular, like Raymond Briggs' 'bogey bittern', whose Humber cousins are saluted here, Wheatley writes with melancholy relish of the love that is banishment, and the banishment that is love, with now and then a postcard home."
David Wheatley was born in Dublin in 1970 but has not lived in Ireland for over a decade. He has published four collections with Gallery Press.
Available now for £5.85 (inc. p&p). 32pp, colour cover. ISBN 978-0-9563732-2-9.
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Christodoulos Makris, Spitting Out the Mother Tongue

68pp, perfect bound, colour cover, ISBN: 978-0-9563732-1-2

My tongue is splintered into signs
half of me hardly knows.
—from 'Nicosia Journal'

A scrupulous and gifted writer, Christodoulos Makris is a poet of language over territory, a poet of semblance over culture.
3am Magazine

I was knocked out by the skill of this writer
—Nuala Ní Chonchúir

Poems that reveal inner prepossessions and fiery confrontations to self, and country [...] charged with desire and a powerful will [...]  an instinctive sense of brooding irony.
—Melissa Lee-Houghton

Christodoulos Makris was born in Nicosia. He studied in Manchester and has lived in London and Dublin. He is currently based in north Co. Dublin and works for the public library service of Fingal County Council. He is the author of the Wurm Press chapbook Round the Clock (2009) and was Dublin regional editor for Succour magazine.

Order Spitting Out the Mother Tongue for £10.70 (includes p&p at £4.99).




is the chapbook imprint from Wurm Press, named after the twentieth-century changes in technology and approach that freed poets, particularly those associated with the Beat movement, to publish unusual work cheaply and quickly.

mimeorevolution #5: Kimberly Campanello, Spinning Cities, 24pp, colour cover, sold out. Kimberly's first collection Consent will be published in May 2013 by Doire Press.

Viscerally felt, personally political lyrics from a poet with a SuperSoaker. "Spinning Cities confronts the politics of division from age and gender to class and race with a measured, astute crisis of conscience. It is a relief that this confrontation does not attempt answers but only further questions, for Campanello excels at these." Isabel Galleymore, Eyewear.

altmimeorevolution #4 was a souvenir programme made in aid of Upstart, for their poetry and pro wrestling fundraiser event on 12th February 2011.

altmimeorevolution chapbook #3: Cah-44, still beat / still beat.  24pp, original cover artwork by Marcia E. Goss, €3 + €1 p&p.

Meticulously crafted soundscapes, sharply observed streetlife, no-illusions vignettes of intimacy.

"An American Serge Gainsbourg" -- Casey Scott

Buy still beat / still beat.


mimeorevolution chapbook #2: Kit Fryatt, Crude Black Strap, 16pp, b&w cover.

A sticky, turbid byproduct of the poet's narcissistic psychodrama. Sold out.

mimeorevolution chapbook #1: Karl Parkinson, A Sacrament of Song.

Karl Parkinson's rhapsodic poetry drags the reader through the Dublin streets at dawn (and a few other times of day) looking for a raphymn or a positivity manifesto.  Full of fierce verbal energy, these poems celebrate ecstatic art and everyday pleasures. Sharp new straightforward writing. Karl won the Leinster Heat of the All-Ireland Poetry Slam in 2010. "Brilliantly uplifting...one of the best chapbooks' I've read in ages" -- Dave Lordan. Sold out.  Karl's first collection Litany of the City will be out later this year from Wurm Press.


2009 publications

Dylan Harris, antwerp. May be purchased as a book or downloaded as a free PDF here.

Christodoulos Makris, Round the Clock, 24pp, colour cover.  Sold out.

There is so much to be said for a chapbook that’s as readable as an upcoming full collection. Chapbooks are real grassroots volumes for poetry lovers and 'Round the Clock' proves we should all be indulging in more of them. Melissa Lee-Houghton

A poet from Cyprus based in Ireland, Christodoulos Makris writes witty, extraordinary work. This is a chapbook from Wurm Press, described in a review as ‘a controlled explosion of twelve poems that reveal inner prepossessions and fiery confrontations to self, and country. They are charged with desire and a powerful will...’ I was knocked out by the skill of this writer; he deserves to be taken up by one of our [...] big poetry publishing houses. Nuala Ni Chonchuir

Christodoulos Makris' first full collection, Spitting Out the Mother Tongue is now available.

Kit Fryatt, Caoimhghin Shea and various legends and lyrics 24pp, colour cover, sold out.

Astrid Lampe, Hello Hallo (trans. Diane Butterman) 24pp, b/w cover, sold out.

altWurmfest Programm (with translations by Liam Carson, Kevin Nolan and Gabriel Rosenstock) sold out.