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Kate O'Shea, Crackpoet


13 wry, savage, passionate poems.

“These poems form the narrative of Crackpoet (not me), protesting about love and loss, unhappiness, the fear of life continuing without her, not ending there, but rising above it with an abrasive streak of flamboyant discontent.” --Kate O’Shea.

Kate O'Shea lives in Dublin. She was recently shortlisted for the Patrick Kavanagh prize.

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David Wheatley, Flowering Skullcap


"As improbable as the flowering skullcap to be found by Barmston Drain, in Hull's industrial Wincolmlee quarter, is the shop-soiled urban pastoral David Wheatley has extracted from that city and its estuarial hinterlands. Skulking, solitary and crepuscular, like Raymond Briggs' 'bogey bittern', whose Humber cousins are saluted here, Wheatley writes with melancholy relish of the love that is banishment, and the banishment that is love, with now and then a postcard home."
David Wheatley was born in Dublin in 1970 but has not lived in Ireland for over a decade. He has published four collections with Gallery Press.
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