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is the chapbook imprint from Wurm Press, named after the twentieth-century changes in technology and approach that freed poets, particularly those associated with the Beat movement, to publish unusual work cheaply and quickly.

mimeorevolution #5: Kimberly Campanello, Spinning Cities, 24pp, colour cover, sold out. Kimberly's first collection Consent will be published in May 2013 by Doire Press.

Viscerally felt, personally political lyrics from a poet with a SuperSoaker. "Spinning Cities confronts the politics of division from age and gender to class and race with a measured, astute crisis of conscience. It is a relief that this confrontation does not attempt answers but only further questions, for Campanello excels at these." Isabel Galleymore, Eyewear.

altmimeorevolution #4 was a souvenir programme made in aid of Upstart, for their poetry and pro wrestling fundraiser event on 12th February 2011.

altmimeorevolution chapbook #3: Cah-44, still beat / still beat.  24pp, original cover artwork by Marcia E. Goss, €3 + €1 p&p.

Meticulously crafted soundscapes, sharply observed streetlife, no-illusions vignettes of intimacy.

"An American Serge Gainsbourg" -- Casey Scott

Buy still beat / still beat.


mimeorevolution chapbook #2: Kit Fryatt, Crude Black Strap, 16pp, b&w cover.

A sticky, turbid byproduct of the poet's narcissistic psychodrama. Sold out.

mimeorevolution chapbook #1: Karl Parkinson, A Sacrament of Song.

Karl Parkinson's rhapsodic poetry drags the reader through the Dublin streets at dawn (and a few other times of day) looking for a raphymn or a positivity manifesto.  Full of fierce verbal energy, these poems celebrate ecstatic art and everyday pleasures. Sharp new straightforward writing. Karl won the Leinster Heat of the All-Ireland Poetry Slam in 2010. "Brilliantly uplifting...one of the best chapbooks' I've read in ages" -- Dave Lordan. Sold out.  Karl's first collection Litany of the City will be out later this year from Wurm Press.